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December 31, 2009

Komodo Dragon and A French Press

[Excuse the foggy glass. I quickly rinsed out my press before I lost my lighting.]

I know its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything my dear readers, but I’d been so busy with Christmas and taking some time out to read. One of the gifts I received from my parents is a French press! If you’ve never had French pressed coffee, you have never experienced living. The oils that are trapped in the paper liner from say a drip or percolator, are released into the coffee when using a press. Oh dear Lord, the flavor is something miraculously stunning. I’m not even sure I can form words!

The beans I’m using for my French press are Starbucks’ Komodo Dragon. If you are a bold coffee drinker, Komodo Dragon is a blend that you will fall helplessly in love with. Its smooth, earthy, and has a slight acidity. Very well balanced. Also an Asia/Pacific blend, which is without a doubt my favorite coffee region. Now I’d first experienced Komodo Dragon from a drip, so don’t assume its the French press tantalizing my taste buds.

Drip, press, or percolator, Komodo Dragon is a blend that will captivate your heart and soul. If you do purchase a French press, I believe anyone with some sort of sanity should, make sure you do not use the same grinds that you use for your drip or percolator. For a French press, the beans have to be a coarse grind. Any smaller (the size you would use for a drip or percolator) and the beans will clog up the mesh/metal filter in your press.

French presses are very simple to use as well. I’ve heard to use 1 tbsp. for ever 6oz but mine instructed me to use 1 tbsp. for every 4oz. The process of “brewing” coffee from a press takes a bit more time than making coffee from a drip. Although its worth it once that first sip hits your palette with an explosion of flavor. You simply measure the amount of grinds for how many cups you’re going to make. Heat the appropriate amount of water (not boiling) and pour into the press. Stir the grind/water mixture with a plastic spoon (a metal spoon could crack the press).

Gently place the filter/lid on top of the opening of the press. Wait 4 minutes for the coffee to brew. Once 4 minutes have ceased, gently press the handle down with the palm of your hand. Pour into a mug for enjoying with deep pleasure!

Something else for you Starbucks fiends, as of a few days ago, Starbucks has a lot of there Christmas merchandise on sale. Tumblers, candy coated almonds, mugs, etc. You might want to trot down to Starbucks to check it out. Great deals are to be found such as this tumbler:

[My mother called me out of the blue to ask me if I’d like this tumbler. A mere $4.49!]

Have any of you experienced coffee from a French press? Or purchased any of the current sale  items at Starbucks?