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January 26, 2010

A Coffeehouse Recreation

Ever have a fervent deep hankering need for a white chocolate mocha latte and just can’t bring yourself to your feet for a Starbucks trip? Then I have the perfect solution for you. Cleo Coyle’s White Chocolate “Snowflake” Latte. And no espresso machine is required.

This recipe came from the back of Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle (also you may find the recipe here), the latest addition to her Coffee House Mystery series. Not only do I highly recommend you whipping up this recipe in your kitchen, I recommend you read this series. It’s highly addictive while each book is filled with wit, humor, and coffee related knowledge.

An incredible latte recipe this is. Chocolaty, rich, smooth, pure indulgence (I’d say the same in regards to the book too). I would have snapped a photo for you guys and gals but I failed to use an electric hand mixer and used a whisk instead. Not the most ascetically pleasing result. My future tip; use the electric hand mixer. The recipe may suggest the use of either or, but electric is the way to go. Aside from my fail attempt at seductive foam, I had a scrumptious latte.

Soon I’ll be in needs of a bag of brew for my french press. So I am asking you readers for your suggestions on which bold roast from Starbucks I should purchase. I’ve gotten several recommendations for the (STARBUCKS) RED roast on Twitter but I’d love to hear some more input.