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August 26, 2010

Caribou Coffee – Caribou Blend: K-Cup

Caribou is a brand of coffee that I’ve been y earning to try for awhile now. Where I live, we don’t have any of their cafes. Nor can I track down a bag of their beans at any of my grocery stores – except for the K-Cup.

I’m so glad I tried this K-Cup. For a medium roast, it’s actually quite lovely. And this is coming from a gal who typically prefers her coffee to be a darker roast.

This Caribou Blend is very smooth, earthy and nutty. I can smell the nutty-ness and I can taste its nutty-ness. I can also detect a tinge of chocolate. Overall, this is a wonderful K-Cup. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s on the fence of purchasing it. Climb on over the other side and buy a box.