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September 28, 2010

Espresso and Latte Candy

One could say that I’m the type of person who’s up for coffee flavored anything. Well almost anything, besides meat encrusted in coffee grounds or coffee infused frosting. So of course when I found Espresso and Latte Candy at Whole Foods, I was in awe.

Latte and Espresso Candy are one of the many products from a company called Fusion Gourmet. These hard candies are created with all natural ingredients. While I purchased them at Whole Foods, you may also purchase them online from the Fusion Gourmet website.

In the past, I’ve sampled numerous brands of coffee flavored hard candies. Only problem was that not any of them actually tasted like coffee. Nonetheless, these Latte and Espresso hard candies, taste like coffee and yes, their good. I mean real good, like I-can’t-stop-shoving-my fist-in-the-bag-to-nosh-on-more, good.

What takes me back a bit is that the Espresso flavor literally tastes like espresso. Not necessarily is it overpowering, but you actually get that stronger coffee flavor. The Latte flavor is creamy and sweet, yet still remains to obtain that coffee essence. Both flavors have a creamy center which is so incredibly pleasant.

These little hard candies have left an impression on me. Two weeks have past and I’m out of the Latte flavor and half way through the Espresso variety. I’m hooked. Plus, there’s a Coffee flavor which I’m itching to pick up and try next. Not sure you’d be into a coffee flavored candy? Turns out Fusion Gourmet also offers tea varieties in their hard candies.