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June 29, 2011

Coffee Mugs Galore

Hey there, folks. Long time no see? I promise you that I’m still alive. I’ve been out of town lately and haven’t had much time to sit and type, but I’m back and highly caffeinated.

Being the coffee junkie that I am (and the junkie that you probably are too, since you are reading this blog), I have quite the affection for coffee mugs. I like many prints, patterns and sizes and I really just can’t seem to have enough. (Is there really ever a limit on coffee mugs? I think not.)

Some of my favorites come from Anthropologie (and I just so happen to coincidently work there, too). All of their monogrammed mugs have my heart and I think they’d make the loveliest gifts. These are just a few of the mugs I own and also happen to be my utmost favorites.

[Everyone needs a mug to show their affection for cats, right? I promise I’m not a crazy cat lady. Yet.]

[I believe everyone should have mugs with their initials on them. Just wait until I get a mug for my middle name….(Yes, I realize I have a problem.)]

Tell me about your favorite mug(s). Actually, you know what? Share photos of your favorite mugs with me. I’d love to see them! You know, so that I can ensure myself that I’m not the only crazy, mug hoarding person out there. Email me at: coffeevanilla1[at]gmail[dot]com