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November 29, 2011

Full Circle – Coffee Grinder Tablets

Even though I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur I often don’t think about cleaning my coffee machines. It’s terrible, I know. Typically I’m most concerned about the quality of my beans that I don’t even think about cleaning my coffee machines to enhance the java’s flavor. It’s true though. A cleaner coffee machine will produce a better-tasting cup of Joe versus a machine that hasn’t been descaled.

[I sincerely apologize for the quality of these photos. I was left with my phone’s camera which is lackluster in every aspect.]

A few weeks ago the folks from Full Circle coffee cleaning products contacted me in regards to sampling their products. I raved internally at the offer since I’d just seen Full Circle at Williams Sonoma weeks previously and had been questioning as to how well they worked.

Full Circle offers Grinder Cleaning Tablets, Coffee Machine Cleansing Powder, Coffee Machine Descaling Liquid and Powder, and Espresso Machine Cleansing Tablets. All of their cleaning products are all- natural, biodegradable, odorless and 100% phosphate free. They are priced at $9.99 per box, which isn’t a lot considering that you get several cleaning sessions from each package. Williams Sonoma appears to be the only distributor I’ve come across.

Most of my excitement stemmed from the Grinder Cleaning Tablets. Have you ever tried to clean your coffee grinder with soap and water? Please, don’t. Coffee grinders are a piece of equipment that can’t be wet since the blade is closely attached to the electrical mechanics of the device. Full Circle’s cleaning tablets make it possible so that you can rid the buildup in your grinder without ever even coming close to a running faucet.

This product is real simple to use. You simply grind a packet of the tablets in your coffee grinder (like you would coffee beans), dispose of the ground tablets (which is now powder), grind coffee beans in your grinder, and then dispose of the ground coffee beans. For some reason I was thinking the product would have a potent odor, but it doesn’t. Unless you thrust the tablets right beneath your nostrils you won’t be able to detect any smell. I highly recommend this product to fellow coffee grinder users.