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August 8, 2013

Hamptons Lane


Hamptons Lane is a website that sells different types of coffee by various roasters. What I found to be particularly unique about this site is that they provide you, the viewer, with a coffee tasting profiling quiz. Basically this quick, fun little quiz guides you to what roasts and brands of coffee may appeal to you and your taste buds.


Of course I took the quiz. My result was “The Chocolatier.” Pretty accurate considering that I salivate after reading the description on coffee bags that offer notes of ‘cocoa,’ or ‘dark chocolate.’


“Your addiction to cocoa is nearly as strong as your addiction to the coffee bean. Both have proven to be much healthier than we once thought, and always tasty. You can pair your cup of joe imbued with notes of hazelnut chocolate with a chunk of cinnamon dusted chocolate on the side.”

I received a sample from Hamptons Lane a few days ago. They sent me Montauk Sunrise to try out. Montauk Sunrise is a medium roast. I found it to be very light and fresh tasting. A very breakfast-y type of brew. I feel as though it would be delightful iced.


Go on over and check out Hamptons Lane. Find out what your coffee taste buds prefer.