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November 20, 2013

Bliss Begins with the Ladies in Blue and White

Wind tickled my bare legs and slapped locks of my hair against my face. The early morning sun blinded my eyes from seeing anything except my own two feet stepping in front of me. Despite the weather conditions that would have typically infuriated me enough to knock over any near by child, and surely there were plenty to choose from, I refrained because I was about to be in the happiest place on earth.

I’d never been here before. I didn’t know what kind of joy would upwell from the abyss where my soul laid. I had not known that this day would go down into the book of memories lodged somewhere in my temporal lobes.

My eager hands anxiously pressed into the gilded door handles. An even mixture of drowsy, caffeine-deprived adults, and shrieking children, wrapped around the premises. An average height woman donned in a robin’s egg-blue and ivory striped-uniform greeted me with a genuine smile that could have only come from either the addictive excitement filling the atmosphere, or the inhaling of a quad red-eye, with a quarter-teaspoon of half-and-half.

As I followed into the line consisting of a minimum of 50 other pleasure seekers, I scanned my drowsy eyes over the walls that were decked with photographs either of the past, or intentionally rendered to appear to be of years gone by. My eyes fell upon the many antique-like chandeliers dangling from the vast ceiling. Fancy.

A whiff of roasted Arabica beans floated past my nostrils. My heart fluttered, causing my cheeks to turn a rosy hue. I was in the Main Street U.S.A. Bakery, where Disney World’s Starbucks sat. It was bliss.

The line moved in a slow, dripping, honey-like pace, but I didn’t care. Knowing that I was about to get my fix calmed the trembling of my fingers and rapid heartbeat. As the line picked up in pace, I approached the pastry case filled with so much sugar that only diabetes could result from consummation, I paused, for the line came to a halt once more.

Another lady clad in robin’s egg blue and ivory asked me if I’d be needing a dose of diabetes with my coffee today. I politely shook my head “no.”

Finally it was my turn. I looked at the man behind the register with doe eyes as he asked me for my order.

“Iced, venti, hazelnut, soy, coffee… Please.”

In a trance, I walked to the end of the creamy marble bar where the other druggies stood for their daily dose. In my head I calculated approximately how long each of the others stood waiting in anticipation for their fix. Roughly 3.2 minutes.

At some point I lost my mind to thoughts of caffeinated concoctions unsafe for consumption, but oh-so coveted, and my order was called.

Spearing one of the iconic green straws into my coffee, I closed my eyes and sipped that sweetly succulent nectar from the gods, and titled my head back in undying ecstasy.

Truly, a Starbucks in Disney World is the happiest place on earth. The ever so patient and hyped-on-coffee baristas sweetly smiled and bestowed us junkies with overflowing cups of java. The air of magic over stepped the faces of toddlers with quivering lips readying to scream. It was bliss.