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January 25, 2016

DIY Matchstick Jar


Aesthetics are very important to me. If there’s something I use a lot, and it usually gets left out, then I want it to be attractive. Lighting candles is something I do every day and I prefer to use matches for it. Lighters and I don’t exactly get along. While online window shopping last week I saw these adorable matchstick jars at Urban Outfitters.  So cute, but $12 for 40 matches. I don’t know about you but, that’s a little much for me to spend on matches. I found the tiny pictured jar above at Target in the $1 section ( I have a major addiction to that section), and thought perhaps I could create my own matchstick jar.

This DIY is incredibly easy and takes no more than five minutes.


You will need a jar with a cork lid big enough to fit matches, a box of big matches (for the larger strike surface), scissors and gorilla glue.

First, cut out the strike surface from your match box. Next, cut the strike surface into the shape of the bottom of the cork lid. Then glue the non-strike side of the strip to the bottom of the cork lid. Use a few heavy books to weigh down the strike pad on the cork lid so that it adheres. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. Fill the jar with matches. Place the cork, strike-side down, on top of the jar, and you are finished.

I leave my matchstick jar out on our coffee table where we usually have 5-6 candles corralled on a tray.