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March 14, 2011

Kaldi’s Ethiopian Mocha Coffee

A few days ago, I received coffee from The East India Company to review. The sample I received was ground for espresso, and I being an espresso addict couldn’t have been more thrilled to rip open the bag to brew some up.

Kaldi’s Mocha Coffee is the sample I received. Hands down, a fantastic roast. Just the aroma alone is enticing. Once my stove top espresso pot finished brewing, I could smell a mouth watering berry scent.

I’m going to have to say that this is one of the best cups of espresso I have ever tasted. Hints of berry, apricot and chocolate envelope your taste buds; yielding a delicious cup of espresso. While I’ve tasted this espresso black, I’ve also had it with a bit of soymilk and made into lattes. It’s an incredible roast that I recommend pairing with chocolate for a heavenly experience.

My love for this coffee is quite excessive considering that I’ve only had the coffee for a few days and have only enough left for 1-2 pots. I highly recommend purchasing this coffee. Any espresso drinker is sure to love this coffee.