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August 16, 2015

What is ‘every day magic’?

I said in this last post I’d share more on what I meant by “everyday magic.” Personally, I have a hard time remembering how to exhale on a daily basis, because I’d be lying if I were to say my life is easy. Appreciating the moments everyday that are magic, or that make me feel like magic are what I deem to be “everyday magic.”

Everyday magic is anything from a sweet postcard to a fancy bottle of dish soap – anything that makes me pause for a moment, smile, and exhale.

Here’s a little magic from this past week.


{My obsession with peonies continues in the form of cleaning products.}


{The best vegan BLT I’ve ever had on the softest gluten-free, vegan bread.}

Paris postcards

{Postcards from Paris sent from London from my sweet sister-in-law to-be.}

Peanut butter coffees

{Vegan-friendly peanut butter cups + an un-pictured cup of black, iced coffee.}