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May 29, 2012

Coffee Has It’s Perks: Part 3

[Part 1 can be found here, and part 2 can be found here.]

Even though the physical health benefits of coffee consumption are vast and outstanding, the psychological health benefits are equally beneficial to one’s wellbeing. Generally you don’t hear many therapists suggesting patients to head to the closest coffeehouse and down double espresso shots, but you do see friends and strangers gathered close over a cup of coffee.

How many times have you encountered two friends and seated in a coffee shot drinking lattes over light laughter and smiles? Or how about the various occasions you were invited by a coworker to grab coffee after work? Coffee acts as a method for connections and community. Through the sips of cappuccino foam people share stories and rant about the day’s complications. They find a way of bonding with another human being.

Coffee can act as a break from a stressful day of life’s tasks that appear to continuously pile on. How many times have you seen your coworker run to the break room, pour a cup of coffee from the community pot, and heavily sigh after taking a sip? Or how about the afternoons you’ve strolled over to Starbucks and have seen the man dressed in a suit and tie, perched behind his laptop, and gripping a to-go cup? Coffee offers an escape from the outside world. It allows people to take a brief moment and de-stress before life accelerates in high speed again.

A bout a year ago I had an incident with my job. We maintain this rule: leave your troubles at the door before you enter the floor. On any typical work day I form a transparent bubble that prevents anything from joining me to work. Almost always am I able to abide by that rule, but there had once been a day when the outside world invaded the imaginary bubble I created.

Through tight lips and bloodshot eyes I remained silent upon walking through the heavy wooden doors and one of my dear, wonderful workers (and manager) knew I couldn’t just “leave my troubles at the door.” She insisted I run to Starbucks before I even began the demanding tasks of my job. Complying with her advice I headed to Starbucks, ordered ten shots of espresso (which I now realize was excessive), took a sip, and released the world off of my shoulders. For a moment coffee gifted me with the chance to de-stress and regain a touch of sanity.

Who knew America’s favorite morning beverage would be abundant with copious benefits? From reducing the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes, to granting you a break away from life’s stresses; coffee offers an abundance of benefits in aiding to your health, and getting you though the burdens of everyday life. You may now bury those myths that coffee will stunt your growth and give you a heart attack by pouring yourself another cup.