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November 25, 2012

It’s Got Your Back When No One Else Does


When life becomes more difficult to live rather than staying beneath the duvet covering your ever welcoming bed, there is one factor that will always remain constant and true. That factor is coffee. When life gets you down, have a cup of smoldering cup of coffee.

People will always let you down. This is a well known fact of life that we come to learn at a very young age. Friends and family, coworkers and waiters, hair dressers and strangers – someone is going to let you down. Most of the time it’s out our your control – the way that life sways this way and that. People will walk into your life just to retreat back out the revolving door, but coffee will always be there waiting in an inviting ceramic kitty mug.

My days aren’t always pleasant. I’ve have more unpleasant ones that I can count, but I always know that I can drown my sorrows in a cup of coffee. It’s warm and inviting. Entices you with it’s sensual aroma. Sends your heart into a fluttering frenzy. I believe that coffee is God’s gift to humanity for when life doesn’t go so smoothly.

Viennese poet Peter Altenberg composed a poem that puts my thoughts into words better than I possibly could.

An excerpt from “To the Coffee House!”:

“You could not find a mate to suit you- coffee house!
You feel like committing suicide – coffee house!
You hate and despise human beings and at the same time you cannot be happy without them – coffee house!”

My dear friends, run to the coffee house when your life is in shambles. Run to the coffee house when you feel empty inside. Run to the coffee house to rediscover that sense of home. Find yourself in a bottomless cappuccino with extra foam.