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September 2, 2013

Keurig Brew Over Ice Giveaway

**This giveaway is closed.**
Myself and a few other bloggers have teamed up with Keurig to do a cold brew giveaway. Keurig sent me the following package to not only review, but to give one away to one of YOU readers. One of you lucky folks will be receiving 3 Keurig K-Cup samples, a light-up ice bucket and tongs, a Brew Over Ice tumbler, and 4 coasters.


Lets begin with the three K-Cups you’ll be getting. You will receive a Vitamin Burst Strawberry Pomegranate K-Cup. I remember when I first saw the Vitamin Burst K-Cups debut a while ago, and had been intrigued by them ever since. This K-Cup of the bunch may actually be my favorite. It’s very fruity and primarily strawberry flavored with a bit of a pomegranate taste. In my opinion it tasted kind of like a cross between Vitamin Water and fruit juice. Odd yet refreshing.


Snapple Peach Tea is the second K-Cup you will receive. I actually happened to already own a box of this flavor prior to receiving the giveaway package. It’s very peachy with a black tea flavor. If you have had Snapple’s bottled iced teas, then you will see how much this K-Cup tastes like the bottled variety.

Donut Shop Original Iced Coffee is the third K-Cup you will get. I will be honest by saying that I did not care for this flavor. A particular reason why is that I am both a vegan and lactose intolerant, and Donut Shop’s Original Iced Coffee K-Cup does contain milk. However, I did sample this K-Cup and found that its not very sweet and has a powdered coffee creamer taste.

Leave a comment on this post to be entered into this giveaway. Also, be sure to stop by Keurig’s Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000. And, for $2.00 off your next K-Cup cold brew purchase, run over here to print a coupon. I don’t know about you, but discounts and coupons definitely make me even more eager to get my hands on coffee/tea products.

I did receive this package from Keurig. All comments and opinions are my own, and I did not receive monetary compensation for them.

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