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March 20, 2010

Exploring Bold Regions

Who else is participating in the Bold Coffee Passport at Starbucks?

This week’s pick was Italian Roast and this is one of those coffees that I love to make in the evening. I feel that it makes a perfect dessert coffee because of those deep chocolate and caramel flavors that linger on your pallet. A lovely body too might I add. When I first had this coffee a year ago, I didn’t care for it. Something about it I found to be offsetting. Now my friends, I’m smitten.

Earlier this week I also had my first experience with the Pour Over method. I was excited that I’d be able to get my bold after 12:00 pm, but I was a bit uneasy about it as I sat there waiting. Watching the lovely barista, I saw that she poured water over a coffee filter (this is what it appeared to be) which contained the ground beans. And at the bottom was my short sized cup. A bit shocked to find that this new method was dare I say, good. I tasted the body and flavor notes quite well. Well done Starbucks.

And for those of you who love your freebies, Tuesday March 22nd, is Free Pastry Day! Buy any handcrafted, iced, or brewed beverage and receive a free pastry when you bring in this coupon! Last year I didn’t get to participate due to some events that prevented me from appearing at Starbucks, but this year you’ll find me strutting through those doors with coupon in hand. I don’t know about you, but I’m eying those Apple Bran Muffins and Chonga bagels…