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May 6, 2013

Deadman’s Reach

Once in a while I discover a coffee brand that takes my breath away, and leaves me itching to try every other roast they offer. This happened years ago when I was introduced to Raven’s Brew. Not only are their brews extraordinary, so is their artwork. One of the things that I always notice when I try a new coffee is the artwork featured on the bag.



Years ago I tried the Alaskan and Washington roaster’s Wicked Wolf, and recently my boyfriend took me by surprise and ordered me their Deadman’s Reach. Deadman’s Reach is officially one of the best coffees that I have ever consumed – and that’s saying something considering all of the brews that have crossed my pallet.


You could say that this brew is so good that my decaying body would reach for it from six-feet-under. Actually, it may just be the magical elixir that could raise a corpse from the dead. Yes, it’s that good.


It may just be good enough to make you realize that some professors are just bitter and unhappy with their own existence, which is why they feel entitled to insult their students. Maybe.


This coffee is sinfully sweet. We’re talking chocolate heavens sweet. And it offers insane hazelnut notes. It’s deliriously delicious. The aroma is oh-so-nutty, and oh-so-lovely. Pair it with cinnamon hazelnut biscotti like we did. It will blow your mind. Just do it.