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July 5, 2009

Iced Mocha Mmmm…


I wanted to post my own recipe for an iced mocha. It uses Starbucks‘ Sumatra blend (my uttermost favorite) but if you don’t have that blend or like it then I recommend using a bold or extra bold blend so that it stands up to the other flavors within the beverage.

  • 8oz of brewed Starbucks Sumatra, cooled over night in the fridge (I use 8 tbsp. For every 6oz)
  • 1oz of Torani sugar free chocolate syrup (or whatever brand you prefer)
  • 4oz milk (I use soy or 1% but you can use whatever you like)

Pour the 1oz of chocolate syrup into the bottom of a large glass (enough to hold about 16oz). Then pour in your cooled coffee followed by your milk. Stir to combine and add a handful of ice (about 6-7 ice cubes). Enjoy!


Lately I’ve been reading this incredible book series called A Coffeehouse Mystery books by Cleo Coyle. They are the perfect blend of coffee intertwined with murder mystery. So far I’ve read French Pressed and Through The Grinder but right now I’m half way through Decaffeinated Corpse. Each book has kept me on the edge of my toes and I can’t wait to devour more! So I totally recommend this series to any coffee fanatic out there reading this. Also each book has different recipes that involve the use of coffee.

<3Coffee Vanilla